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This website contains terms and texts in German language as well as mathematical
expressions and symbols after European Standards.

Excuse that the translation in English is a not qualified translation by the author!
This applies in particular to mathematical terms.
And some texts are not translated - texts and symbols inside the 3D models especially.

We are looking for bilingual math enthusiasts for a correction, completion and supplementation
of translations in English.

Tip for not translated titles and texts:

The titles and texts beside the 3D models can be copied, inserted in Google translator and
translated into different languages. But this translations are not perfect.


In case of a positive response to this 3D portal translations in other languages are intended.
The underlying database system is prepared for this.

The translation must be done by native translators with mathematical knowledge.

And 3D models itself contains mathematical terms, formulas and symbols.
They are based on German language resp. European standards too.

The adaptation of the 3D models models to other languages and regional standards requires
trained and instructed CAD illustrators in the countries resp. regions.

For other languages, we are looking for a financing of external translation costs, external
3D graphics services and IT services for the adjustments of the system.

Translation by Google Translator and the author.