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Privacy Policy

The GDPR and further legal regulations obligate us for our Internet pages www.3d-mathematics.com and www.3d-mathematik.de to the following explanation:

1. Collection of personal data

We do not collect any personal data on our website.

2. Use of cookies

Our Internet pages exclusively use so-called session cookies, which are only available on your own computer, do not cause any damage and do not contain any viruses.

If you select a filter or sorting on one of our pages - e.g. in the gallery - this will be saved in a session cookie.

If you then switch to another page - e.g. to the 3D model view - the session cookie transfers the selected setting to this page.

Some browsers delete these cookies after closing the browser, other browsers receive these cookies. In the latter case, when you visit our website later, the last setting of filters or sortings is reactivated until you reset or change them yourself.

If cookies are completely deactivated, filters and sorts that you select in one of our pages cannot be adopted in other of our pages.